Hi :wave:

I'm an always learning Web Developer currently located in sunny Edmonton, Canada.

I'm always looking to improve my skillset and expand my areas of knowledge in the development world. Often that means that I am working with new and exciting technologies! In the past year I have achieved a beginner to intermediate level understanding of working with Docker in both local development, and on production environments. In my own personal time I have made efforts to learn more modern backend languages such as golang. Some of my recent projects include the Advent of Code in golang and an ongoing project for a cryptocurrency trading bot.

While the interests I have described focus more on a backend oriented individual, I am confident in front end systems, whether it be JavaScript frameworks or creating a style system using BEM ideologies.

In my personal time you can find me going for walks with my dog, driving, or running.


Web Developer @ Paper Leaf

  • Worked within a team, taking projects from discovery to completion.
  • Planned, and developed for projects spanning multiple technologies including Laravel, and React Native.
  • Assisted in determining time efforts for tasks and technical solutions.
  • Notable projects include ComplianceBox and CAA Worst Roads.

Student @ NAIT, Digital Media and IT

  • Diploma graduate with 3.7 GPA.
  • Strong focus on JavaScript and frameworks such as BackboneJS and React.
  • Built foundational skillset for both backend and frontend.